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Children's Party Characters & Facepainting

With the help of our friends at Fairytale Dreamer you can have the party of your child's dreams!

Princess Parties & Kids Activities

One of the things we have been getting asked about but haven’t offered is characters for kids parties. Think a princess theme party or a “Star Wars” theme party. These are super fun and perfect for creating an experience you child and friends won’t soon forget. However, we simply didn’t have the bandwidth or knowledge to do that.

We recently met someone name Justine who owns Fairytale Dreamer in Raleigh and is one of the leading party character companies in the area. Justine and her team have been bringing joy to children all over for over 12 years, and are able to really tailor an experience unique to you and your child. They can appear at birthdays, meet and greets and other events with over 45 characters, and also can bring animals – where part of that revenue goes back to helping animals. We are joining forces to help bring fun to all corners of the Triangle and beyond and helping to market her business and connect clients with this super neat service.

We are able to offer you great pricing on the Fairytale Dreamer services, so give us a call or email if you would like to book and we will help make it happen! 


Current Virtual Services

With the current COVID-19 Pandemic changing our habits and keeping everyone indoors, scheduling an in-person meeting is difficult. When things are back to normal we can help with in-person parties, but for now Fairytale Dreamer has put together some great affordable options to help you entertain the kiddos while they are out of school.

Add an option your cart and pick the time you would prefer for your fun visit, and we will be in touch to confirm time and details – please note specific times are not guaranteed, but we will do our best to honor your preference. 

Short Shout Out


Perfect for saying happy birthday in a short 2 minute video you can watch again and again!

Extended video or  FaceTime/Skype/Zoom


$30 more to add second character. 10 minutes. Story and activity. Videos with a princess will always include singing!

Additional Characters

Other Available Activities

Face painting lessons

Art project/Drawing lesson etc 

Science projects

Slime or snow making

Musical band/instrument fun 

Fairtale Dreamer has over 10 instruments to intersect virtually with including guitar and violin

Magic and a story

Note – only male characters can do magic tricks)

Dancing, singing, story time & tea

Geode breaking or gem sifting

Baking cupcakes or cookies

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