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July Fourth is a mainstay of the US holiday calendar, and one of the high water marks for summer. For many it means being outside in the backyard, grilling, having some cold beverages and enjoying time with friends and family. We have compiled some great tips for you to think about if you are planning your own 4th of July party!

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  • Grill

By far the most important part of the day. What kind of grill do you have? How much meat and accoutrement can it hold? Where will you position the grill so that it attracts conversation, effectively grills the goods, and does not create too much smoke? These are all important questions. In seriousness though, a big grill, maybe with a smoker or fryer attachment, can increase efficiency for your party.

  • Guests, invite strategically

Make sure you know the social dynamics of all of your groups. You do not want to invite any former paramores, any friends who dislike each other. Maybe a seating chart is a good idea. Another important consideration is whether or not to invite kids and where to have their designated area. See number 5 for more.

  • Games/activities

You are going to need some lawn games. Games and activities will be crucial to both occupying space in your yard and passing the time during the event. You can consider getting competitive with it also and having prizes. What better place to look than here?

  • Bathroom situation

Will you allow guests, with their dirty shoes and unknown bathroom habits, into your home to use your bathroom, much less the nicer bathrooms…or dare we say, the master bathroom? These are critical issues. You can also bring in a portapotty. But that is a bit of a process. Kids need to pee often and some of them require help.


    • What to do with the kids

    You’ve got to have activities for the kids to do and a place for them to be away from the alcohol consuming adults. Maybe you have a pool, which increases the need for adult supervision. This is also a space issue so you need to consider how big your yard is and what kind of inflatable toys you can fit. A changing area for babies, nap place for younger ones, and a first aid kit are all pivotal to party success.

    • Location

    Will the party be at your home, someone else’s, a neutral site, as in renting a community center? Make sure that you are mindful of how much space you have and how much space you need. What percentage of the space is outdoors and what amount is indoors and how does this affect the party dynamics?

    • Ubers

    This is an all encompassing, post party plan. Make sure you know how everyone will get home, check their alcohol consumption levels, and reiterate that Ubers (or taxis for farther out locations) are a viable option.

    • Alert the neighbors

    Similar to number 2, make sure that you do not anger the neighbors. If you are friends with them, this is easier. You can either invite them or not, but make sure that they know of your intention to have a party with noise, guests, and parking on the street.

    • Music selection

    Who will provide the musical choices for the party? What kind of vibe are you looking for? How many and where will you place the speakers? At what volume will the music be? I’m just asking questions here, folks!! 

    • Food choices

    In today’s day, we need all sorts of food options for all of your guests. Some people are gluten free, others do not eat meat and need the beyond meat options. You should be sure to consider everyone’s dietary needs and be mindful of their desires. Or you can go the other way and tell everyone what will be on the menu and then they can decide if they want to eat it. In addition, what kind of food should people bring and should they bring anything at all?

    • (BONUS ONE!!) Weather and contingency plans 

    The sun does not shine every day. Make sure you have a backup plan, indoors of course, for if the rain comes. Movies running indoors in the background, a sporting event, or possibly some embarrassing family videos can be a great addition to the party atmosphere.

    YARD GAME Rentals for Parties Callout

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