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Who is Triangle Lawn Games?

Cornhole Rental in the Triangle

Gordon Buchanan, Founder

At their core, lawn games are a simple matter. Think about some of the popular games: you throw a bag in a hole, toss golf balls on strings, or throw a frisbee in a trash can…and that’s it. Straight forward.
But the truth is lawn games are more than the sum of their parts. They add a dynamic element to a party, whether it a friendly get together at the crib or a corporate event at the office, the fact is lawn games breed competition. Competition is what adds excitement to an event, and lawn games let anyone have some good time while feeling the joy of winning, or the sorrow of losing.
I started Triangle Lawn Games for a few reasons, namely because I believe in the city of Raleigh, along with this area, as a wonderful place to do business and to raise a family. That led to asking “what is annoying to get, fun to have, but a pain to buy and store?” The answer is lawn games. And uranium. But there is surprisingly less of a market for uranium than you would think. So we chose to not only rent lawn games to the good people of the Triangle, but also to deliver them to any location in the area, pick them up, and offer the most affordable rate in town. All with a smile on our faces.
That has now turned into 5 locations around the U.S. and we continue to forge new partnerships every month. We couldn’t be more excited about the chance to bring fun to people all over the country.
So the next time you are having a wedding, corporate event, student gathering, open mic night, grad party, Stranger Things watch party, Bar Mitzvah, block party, election results event, or reunion give us call @ (919) 891-3495 or just google Triangle Lawn Games. We promise we will make the experience easy, affordable, and not annoying.
So let the games begin.

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