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Throw a NERF Party for your next birthday or event!


NERF Equipment + Coaching

Welcome to Triangle Lawn Games! We are the nation’s leading provider of affordable game rentals and services, and one of our most popular services is NERF equipment rental and coaching. You might be planning a birthday party or event for your child and their friends, and we can help make it a reality!

We are a national company with local operators in most major cities. In many of these locations our operators have opted in to manage and maintain a variety of NERF gear, and even provide coaching and facilitation! Our equipment is well maintained and tested so we minimize issues when you are playing. We can even deliver, set up and pickup the equipment as well – not to mention some of our folks can come out and coach the NERF party for you for an even more awesome experience.

That said, the majority of our NERF clients are planning on running the party themselves. If you are looking for tips on how to run a NERF party Check out our rules and battle guide. That has a variety of guides, rules, game options, and tips and tricks for the equopment to ensure you throw a fun party.

If you are interested in learning more about pricing and availability of our NERF rentals, check out our locations offering this service below and click to the one that applies to you.


Our NERF Equipment Packages

We offer NERF equipment rentals at a number of our TLG locations! We offer bundles of equipment for 10, 15, or 20 kids. Each bundle comes with all the gear you need to run a successful DIY cornhole tournament. That includes blasters, secondary guns, darts, masks, vests, and pop up bunkers. We even have cones and you can print out our NERF Battle Guide to help make it a fun event!

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NERF Package 1 - Up to 10 Kids
NERF Package 3 - Up to 20 Kids
NERF Package 2 - Up to 15 Kids
Pop Up Bunkers for NERF

Locations With NERF Rentals

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Learn more about NERF Rentals in Fort Worth

Learn more about NERF Rentals in Charlotte

Learn more about NERF Rentals in Greensboro

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What Makes Our NERF Rentals Different?

Quality Equipment

Triangle Lawn Games prides ourselves on having quality equipment that is clean and in good shape. Our NERF equipment is cleaned and inspected after every rental and we promise that you will get guns and equipment that won’t cause embarassment or headaches. We provide guns, masks, vests, bunkers, bullets and everything you need to have fun.


NERF Support and Resources

On top of having great NERF equipment at super low prices, TLG also believes that you should have resources and help when trying to do something cool like throwing a NERF party. From rule guides and instructions, to full on coaching and facilitation, we offer resources to make your NERF party fun and memorable.


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