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NERF Rentals in Raleigh & Durham, NC

Throw a NERF Party for your next birthday or event!


NERF Rentals in Raleigh & Durham, NC

Affordable Fun For Birthdays and Other Parties

When you are planning a birthday party or graduation party for your child, there are a variety of options. Renting lawn games is a perfect way to add fun to any party – and one of the most popular and entertaining games right now is NERF Gun Battle.

Basically this is renting the guns, safety equipment and bunkers and then letting the kids use their imagination to create their own fun “battle”. We disinfect all games before and after each rental. Triangle Lawn Games makes it easy for you and fun for the kids, providing multiple blasters for each child, as well as masks, vests, darts and bunkers.

With our BattlePack for each child they will get all they need to have a fun and safe experience with their friends. There is no charge for lost bullets, but broken equipment requiring replacement may be charged to your card after return.

Note that delivery and pickup is not included in the rental price (no cost to pickup from us in Raleigh). If you want delivery without the facilitation you can add on our order page or just give us a call. 

Looking for info on how to run your own NERF battle? We have a great guide below.


Make an awesome NERF war with our NERF Battle Pack!

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What Makes Our NERF Rentals Different?

Quality Equipment

Triangle Lawn Games prides ourselves on having quality equipment that is clean and in good shape. Our NERF equipment is cleaned and inspected after every rental and we promise that you will get guns and equipment that won’t cause embarassment or headaches. We provide guns, masks, vests, bunkers, bullets and everything you need to have fun.


NERF Support and Resources

On top of having great NERF equipment at super low prices, TLG also believes that you should have resources and help when trying to do something cool like throwing a NERF party. From rule guides and instructions, to full on coaching and facilitation, we offer resources to make your NERF party fun and memorable.


Have questions or want to order by phone?


Give us a call at (919) 891-3495

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