When you are planning a birthday party or graduation party for your child, there are a variety of options. Renting lawn games is a perfect way to add fun to any party – and one of the most popular and entertaining games right now is Nerf Gun Battle.

Basically this is renting the guns, safety equipment and then letting the kids use their imagination to create their own fun “battle”. Triangle Lawn Games makes it easy for you and fun for the kids, providing the following for each participant:

  1. Primary gun
  2. Secondary Gun
  3. Safety Goggles
  4. Tactical Vest
  5. Sidearm Holster
  6. 2 Clips
  7. Face Cover
  8. 50 Bullets

With our “battle pack” for each child they will get all they need to have a fun and safe experience with their friends. TLG will also delivery and pickup the games, however we are not responsible for cleanup of bullets or moderating the game. There is no charge for lost bullets, but broken equipment requiring replacement may be charged to your card after return.

Visit our order page to book a Nerf Party today!

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