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Axe Throwing Rental & Rules

Add some fun to any party!
Axe Throwing Rental in Raleigh

Super fun addition to any party and perfect for both kids and adults. This easy to use and completely safe game is about 5 ft tall and includes everything needed to use, from a tarp underneath to the inflator pump, the axes and more. This game is great for larger events or small parties, and does require some space (around 25 ft in length and 10 ft in width). Comes in a large carry case that is about 4ft long and 3 ft tall, so could fit in an SUV, Van or Truck.

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Axe Throwing

  • 2-4 Players2 Players

  • 10-15 Minutes per Game10-15 Minutes per Game

  • 10 ft. length, 10 ft. width25 ft. length, 10 ft. width


Requires inflating the main structure, which can be accomplished with the included pump. You will want to put down the included tarp underneath, and if being used outside you may want to strap it down using the included stakes and straps. 



Opponents then will take turns throwing axes at the velcro playing surface. This is much like darts, where you are trying to get as close to the bullseye as possible. The simple way to play is to have the bullseye be worth 10 points, the blue dots worth 5, and getting the axe to stick anywhere else is one point. Typically you want to play to 21 points. 



The first player to get to 21 points wins!

Axe Throwing Rental in Raleigh


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