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Giant Trashcan Pong is an exceptionally oversized take on classic pong (beer or otherwise!) that allows for great fun and tailor made levels of difficulty.

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  • 2-4 Players2-4 Players

  • 10-15 Minutes per Game10-15 Minutes per Game

  • 30 ft. length, 10 ft. width30 ft. length, 10 ft. width


Giant Trashcan Pong is an extremely oversized take on classic pong (beer or otherwise!) that allows for great fun and tailor made levels of difficulty.

Games are generally played with 2 teams of 1-2 players each. Set up both sides as shown in the diagram at right. Choose a distance between teams that suits players’ skill levels and available space.



Decide which team starts by a coin flip, rock-paper-scissors, or shoot off.

On each turn, each player on a team tosses once, attempting to get their ball in one of their opponent’s cans. If a ball goes into a can, then the can is removed.

Each team is allowed one re-rack per game.

Traditional beer pong rules like island, balls back, death cup, etc. may be included at players’ discretion.

Once a team eliminates all of their opponent’s cans, the losing team has one chance at rebuttal. In rebuttal, each teammate is allowed to shoot until they miss.

If they manage to sink all of their opponents cans (meaning all cans have been eliminated), the game enters overtime, where three cans aside in triangular formation are set up, and whichever team sinks their opponent’s cans first wins, no rebuttals allowed.

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