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How To Find The Right Venue For NERF Parties


Finding a Venue – The foundation of your NERF party is going to be finding a venue to have it. If you are the lucky owner of a sweet backyard or some land, that’s a great start! You want to make sure to have some flat ground that is free of too many obstacles like branches, long grass etc. There isn’t a set rule for how much space you need but you certainly want to have some space to set up bunkers and let kids run around – try to have at least 500-600 sq. ft. to start. 

We find that indoor spaces are super easy and popular, and work for all weather types. The absolute best place to run a NERF party is in a gymnasium. It has enough space, it has a smooth and safe floor, and typically has bathrooms and even some other facilities that might be needed. So our focus on providing ideas for places to book start with gyms. Churches, community centers, and even some schools rent these out. 

That said, you might be looking for something outside or FREE, and we have some parks included too. Note that some venues and parks will require pre-booking, and some might require some insurance or additional waivers signed. 

If you need equipment keep us in mind, we are a leader nationally in affordable NERF rentals and can provide quality equipment, expertise, and even COIs and more. 

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Websites That Connect You to Gyms

Did yo uknow there are services out there that connect people looking to rent facilities with gyms and other spaces looking to increase their revenues? We found this site if you are looking to find a bunch of rental options for your next party – check out Facilitron

We have also done some research in each of the cities in which we offer NERF rentals, and some great options are listed below for your research. 

Places To Run NERF Parties in Raleigh, NC

In Raleigh, NC, there are several gymnasiums available for rent where you could host various events, including children’s parties. Here are five options:

Method Road Community Center – Method Road Community Center offers gymnasium rental options suitable for parties and events. It’s located at 514 Method Rd, Raleigh, NC 27607.

Buffaloe Road Athletic Park – Buffaloe Road Athletic Park features indoor gymnasium facilities available for rent. It’s situated at 5812 Buffaloe Rd, Raleigh, NC 27616.

Greystone Recreation Center – Greystone Recreation Center provides gymnasium rental opportunities for events and gatherings. You can find it at 7713-55 Lead Mine Rd, Raleigh, NC 27615.

Chavis Community Center – Chavis Community Center offers gymnasium rental options suitable for various occasions. It’s located at 505 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27601.

Raleigh Community Centers – Several other community centers in Raleigh offer gymnasiums for rent, such as Biltmore Hills, Laurel Hills, and others. These centers often provide various amenities and are suitable for hosting events and parties.

When considering renting a gymnasium, be sure to inquire about availability, rental rates, any additional fees, and amenities provided. Additionally, check for any specific rules or regulations regarding the use of the facility and any requirements for insurance or permits. Booking in advance is often recommended to secure your preferred date and time.

Places To Run NERF Parties in Houston, TX 

  • Montie Beach Park – Montie Beach is close to downtown, near to 45 and just on the eastern side of The Heights. There is ample parking, tennis courts, a playground and they never seem to require reservations to use the grounds. All the soccer games, frisbee and rugby occurring rarely have reservations, you simply carve out an area. The best part? The community room is relatively large and can be booked if needed.
  • Colonial Park – This park in West University is great, it’s got tons of street parking, a massive pool a great gazebo, a playground and a great field for hosting. The park is only a few blocks south of Bissonnet and a great spot for large or small gatherings.
  • Beverly Hills Community Center – This park is a great spot for southeast Houston. The park is large and sprawling and there are two covered basketball courts. There is a small playground and wonderful shade trees with picnic benches just behind the community center. The community center can also be rented if needed.
  • Event Space at SW Party and Events – This is a private, indoor space that is reasonably priced at $100 per hour. It is over 2000 sq ft and has many amenities not typically associated with community centers such as a wifi, speakers, a microphone and smart TV as well as rectangular or round tables. The venue is brand new and just south of 99 and not far from 45.
  • Bear Creek Park – One of the most common spots for NERF or general parties is Bear Creek Park. The park is massive and can accommodate either large or small parties. There are a number of sports fields as well as rentable pavilions with great trees and playgrounds. It can be very private back down the roads but there are also a large number of restrooms available.

Houston certainly doesn’t lack spots to have events. Renting community centers or gazebos is simple on the website, however planning is required. Some have a 21 day requirement while others have a 7 day requirement. The community centers are affordable and they have separate rates that can be as little as $70 for the first three hours if you’re a non-profit. Regardless, private, indoor spaces can be found as well as just showing up to a large park and having fun for a few hours. However it’s done, we’re more than happy to help!

Houston certainly doesn’t lack spots to have events.  Renting community centers or gazebos is simple on the website, however planning is required.  Some have a 21 day requirement while others have a 7 day requirement.  The community centers are affordable and they have separate rates that can be as little as $70 for the first three hours if you’re a non-profit.  Regardless, private, indoor spaces can be found as well as just showing up to a large park and having fun for a few hours.  However it’s done, we’re more than happy to help!

Places To Run NERF Parties in Los Angeles

A paradise on the west coast, Los Angeles is one of the ideal places to live in the US. The year round terrific weather provides a host of fantastic indoor and outdoor venues to host a NERF party. Here are a few of the best choices:


Wild Child Gym

Located just south of Beverly Hills, this place mixes California and Hawaii vibes. They offer classes and also free play time that would be ideal for a NERF party. They can do some food catering and can extend your time depending on availability. The address is here: 9715 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232. Their website is at this link.

APEX for Kids

Over in Westwood is this kid friendly event space. They have a few obstacles and would make a nice place for a NERF battle. Their large play area has a ball pit, rock climbing wall, and trampoline. Pricing is a bit vague so check out their website for more info. Finally, their address is: 11339 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025 and their website is at this site.

Adventure Onn

Down the road in Carson is this indoor event space. It is totally customizable and can be outfitted to the needs of your kids and their friends. You can rent the entire place for $700 for a 2.5 hour rental and it includes a ball pit, two slides, and tables/chairs for the kids. They are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays but free to rent any other day. Lastly, their address is here: 21780 Avalon Blvd Suite 105, Carson, CA 90745. Their website is located here.

South Play

Manhattan Beach is home to this cool childrens event space. Their venue is modern, clean, and comfortable for all kids. They have a large ball pit with a slide. Their rates are competitive at $16 per kid but you can probably do a bit better with a group rate. The address is 903 N Catalina Ave Suite 101, Redondo Beach, CA 90277. Finally, the website is this one.

Westchester Skate Park

Near LAX, this skate park has all of the normal skateboarding activities: rails, pipes, stairs, and lights. It is a first come, first serve venue so get their early and enjoy an outdoor venue for your kids NERF party. Their address is thus: 7200 W Manchester Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90045 and their website is this one.

South Gate Park

In the heart of South Gate is this outdoor park that has many different areas, some of which you can rent. Reservations require two weeks notice but no prices are listed online. It is free to use except for renting of certain areas, check the website at this link to see which ones best suit your needs. To conclude, the address is: 4900 Southern Ave, South Gate, CA 90280.

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