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Croquet Rules and Rental

Croquet Rules

How to Play Croquet

Putterball is a wonderful backyard game that is a blend of beerpong and putting green. Rules are below, but this game is perfect for a party, wedding or corporate event and is popular with golfers of all ages.  

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Croquet Rules

The game is played with either 2, 4 or 6 players. For 2 or 4 player games you need 4 balls and for a 6 player game you need 6 balls. There are 2 stakes and 9 “wickets” which are hoops. Split players into two teams of either 1, 2 or3 people depending on the number of players

Before you Play

Croquet courts generally are large but most are 100’X50′ but can be scaled down to 50’X25′. The wickets are placed in a double-diamond configuration as shown to the left.

Playing the game

2 and 4 player games use blue, red, black and yellow balls while six player games use those colors with orange and green. 2 and 4 person games have the color splits of blue and black then red and yellow. 6 person games split them into blue, black and green, with red, yellow and orange for the opposing team

The teams can determine who goes first with a coin toss or any agreed upon way. The side winning the coin toss has the choice of playing first with the blue and black balls or second with red and yellow balls. The order of play for the four ball game is blue, red, black, yellow.When six balls are played, the order of play for the game is blue, red, black, yellow, green, and orange.

The teams then follow the path as shown above in the figure, Attempting to hit the ball through the hoops and hit the stake at either end. You earn points by hitting the ball with the mallet through the wickets in the correct order and direction. The winning team is the first team to score 14 wicket points and 2 stake points. 


Playing Field

Croquet Setup
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