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Spikeball Rules + Where To Buy

“Spikeball me bro”. If you have visited a beach lately or been to the dope ass party at the Tri Delt house you will know what Spikeball is. It’s fun, it’s difficult, and it lets your inner frat dude flag fly. Seriously though Spikeball is massively fun and one of our most popular rentals. Hit us up to rent today.

How to Play Spikeball

Before you play

Spikeball is a relatively new game but definitely one of the most popular outdoor games around.  It is played by two teams of two players with a ball and a round net supported by legs off the ground.  

Playing the Game

First, flip a coin to determine which team goes first. The teams will line up opposite one another approximately 6 feet from the net like the figure.   The team that goes first will serve the ball into the net, it will bounce and the opposing team will have up to 3 touches to once again hit it at the net (much like bump, set spike in volleyball).    After the serve, the players may move around the net however they please.  Players are not allowed to lift, grab or throw the ball.  


Scoring is much like volleyball.  Any team that cannot return the shot at the net within 3 shots their opponent earns a point.  Reasons to award the point are as follows:

  1.  The ball bounces more than once on the net
  2. The ball bounces off the rim
  3. The ball hits the ground
  4. Consecutive touches by the same teammate, so no double hits.  i.e. the team must alternate between the 3 touches allowed.  

To win a team must hit or exceed 21 points and win by 2 points.

Spikeball Setup

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