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Ideas for Team Building

It’s no secret that having a business filled with good synergy will outperform a stagnate office setting where people come and go in a zombie-like routine. Sometimes bonds will occur naturally in a work setting but often a proactive approach needs to be taken to foster that relationship growth, every owner wants to see in their company.

Company retreats, happy hour at the local bar, and traditional team building activities have their place, but the world has changed, and those types of forced activities can leave people feeling like they are in an episode of The Office, with Michael Scott as their boss.

Instead of forcing it, try creating an environment where team building happens naturally. Make work, a place people want to be, and create easy ways for people to bond. Games can be a great way to do this. They can be a permanent fixture in your company, for example, maybe there is a giant Chess Game always set up outside or Putterball in the breakroom. On Top Ball Toss is a game that can be casually played by anyone, inside or out, or you may see people’s competitive nature come out as they get comfortable competing with one another. A custom printed Cornhole board with the company logo is a fun way to get people interacting while building that loyalty to the business.

If having games set up all the time isn’t the right feel, having lawn games pulled out once a week in the afternoons can give your team something to look forward to and a reason to stick around and bond with their co-workers. If you don’t have the space to store the games, delivery can be prescheduled to show up right when you want them.

Games can also be part of a special event where team building is happening without anyone knowing. A companywide tournament will create friendships as people partner up and have friendly banter as they compete. Set up your own tournament or have Triangle Lawn Games come out and facilitate the tournament for you.

However you choose to involve games in your office, they are sure to foster the moments that lead to the team building your business needs to help it thrive.

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