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Balloons for Your Party Raleigh Durham

Balloons are a super fun addition to birthday, weddings and other parties. They offer a sense of wonder and “wow” that can make a huge impact on the people attending. You have a variety of factors to consider when trying to get balloons at your party or event:

  1. Do you want to hire a professional balloon company or DIY?
  2. What Kinds of Balloons do you want to have?
  3. If doing it yourself, do you have a way to fill the balloons?
  4. Do the balloons need to float, or just be filled with regular air?
  5. How many balloons will you need? What colors?

We will jump into some of these topics to help you make informed decisions when you are adding balloons to your celebration. 

Should I Hire a Professional Balloon Artist for My Party?

The short answer is: if you can afford it – yes. In our experience planning parties all over the country, we have seen firsthand the magic that true artists can create with balloons. From incredible arches and columns to bespoke balloons and colors, professional balloon artists are definitely worth the money if you are willing to spend it. 

That said, it’s not like you can’t make a balloon arch yourself. It just might take a lot longer and not look as good. So it’s really an expectation setting exercise – if you want to be truly “wowed” you should consider hiring a professional.

Professional Party Artists Callout

What Kind of Balloons Should I Use?


The two main types of balloons used for party purposes are latex and foil balloons. Both can be good options and it sort of depends on the application, though if you or a child has a latex allergy you might spring for the foil. 

Latex balloons are good because they are inexpensive, biodegradable(ish) and are generally available in a wide variety of styles, colors and shapes. They can also be filled with both regular air as well as helium. 

Foil balloons are cool because they are generally reusable, and are made from a mix of nylon, aluminum and laminated materials. They too are compatible with helium and regular air, and can be made into some really fun and interesting shapes for a unique look. 


How Do I Fill Balloons And What Do I Fill Them With?


Filling the balloons is not only one of the most time intensive parts of balloon art, it also can be a challenge to find noble gasses like helium, which is the most common type of fill for balloons. If you want the balloons to float on their own, you will need helium which requires you to find a local helium supplier (google helium near me). For applications like a balloon arch, it probably isn’t necessary to fill them with helium and you can use an electric powered balloon inflator like the one below to make it simple! 

How Many Balloons Will I Need and What Colors Do I Need?


That depends on what you are doing! There are a ton of 50-100 balloons packs on amazon that super affordable (see below) and are probably all you need for many applications. A balloon arch might take 50-100 balloons by itself, so keep that in mind if you plan on building one. 

As far as colors, if you have a theme try to match the theme! There are fun shapes like dinosaurs or video game controllers (see below). Also keep in mind you might want to include more than one color to keep it interesting. 

We hope this balloon resource guide is helpful, good luck planning your party! Don’t forget the lawn games! Rent at any number of our locations today.