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When planning your next corporate event, the pressure is on to make it an unforgettable experience. Aiming to captivate and leave a lasting impression, you may consider inviting a notable keynote speaker or crafting an engaging slideshow. Whatever approach you choose to connect with your audience, it is vital to convey your message in a concise and crystal-clear manner. The attendees should be able to recall and discuss the main takeaway of your speech or meeting even days after it concludes. But fret not, because we are here to ensure that your next corporate event surpasses all expectations. Get ready to elevate the excitement with these 7 exceptional ideas to entertain your crowd:
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Have A Comedic Roast

We are mostly thinking about the episode of The Office where Michael wants to get roasted but it then turns personal. He lashes out at everyone but in the end they all laugh and had a memorable experience (even if he crossed a few lines). This is a surefire way to get everyone talking and laughing. Make sure to tow the line between appropriate and hurtful as we do not want anyone offended. This means laying off dead relative jokes. However, a tasteful appraisal of someone’s office/Zoom habits can make for a well placed punchline. And of course, you must offer the audience the opportunity to roast the host as well. This puts everyone on an even playing field and makes the host seem more down to Earth.

Hire A Local Personality for an Emcee

This could be an effective option as this should be a person with whom at least some of your attendees are familiar. It does not need to be a famous person with a blue checkmark on Instagram, but rather someone who lives and breathes in the same fishbowl of work existence as you and your company. This is someone who can be inspiring, starting their own business, or someone who has been successful in a related field.


Solicit Ideas from Your Group Beforehand

This is an effective method because it gives the audience ownership of the presentation which they are attending. The audience wants to feel like they have gained some value out of the event/evening. If it is as simple as filling out a questionnaire, that can help but better would be some sort of embarrassing personal detail, a favorite drink/sports teams, etc. You can make this anonymous or use names. If the host gets intimate as well this can help your guests connect on a personal level. We suggest naming a drink after everyone with a short explanation listed, a fun, light way to get the evening started. Or, and not to belabor The Office references, but an awards show (a la The Dundy’s), and make speeches. This is a morale booster.

Teambuilding Exercises

A time tested, proven winner that most companies employ to some degree, team building exercises are effective in that they force coworkers and friends to work together towards a common goal. It can be as simple as the one where everyone holds hands in a circle and then intermingles randomly before attempting to untangle themselves without breaking the bond of holding hands. It is important to note that if you have some overzealous folks in the group that you monitor their activity so that they do not dominate the more soft spoken members. We want to play to skills that everyone has.

Some teambuilding ideas are:

1. Trustfall

2. Trivia

3. Bingo

4. Brainstorm Session

5. Breakout Rooms

6. Escape Room

7. Lawn Games  + Cornhole Tournaments

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Choose an Extravegant Venue

Our site has published tons of content about spectacular venues across the United States that can house your next corporate event. Any one of these would seem the perfect attraction that will have guests talking for weeks afterwards. If your city is not yet listed please reach out and we will have it completed shortly thereafter. See the links here.

Choose a Theme

Although this feels a bit like a sorority party, it should work. Prior to the event, spread the word about your grand idea for a party or event. Encourage everyone to follow suit and this will make everyone more excited. If it all works well, then this could become a strategy for subsequent years with guests fondly recalling memories of the past. 

Corporate Party Theme Ideas

1. Here Come the 90’s

2. “The Office”

3. Classic Rock

4. East Coast vs West Coast Hip Hop

5. “Silicon Valley”

6. “Mad Men”

7. Beach/Margaritaville

8. Winter/Ski Resort

9. Sports/Wear Your Favority Jersey

10. Formalwear

Create Competition

Another simple yet trusted method to attract attention. Whether it be trivia, bingo, talent show, or some sort of fairly judged athletic competition, this gets the juices flowing for most people. If the attendees know that there is something that requires them to exert effort beyond merely raising their hands they tend to be more engaged.

Corporate Party Competition Ideas

1. Cornhole Tournament

2. Bingo

3. Trivia

4. Sales Contest

5. Board Games

6. Lawn Games

7. Basketball 3v3

8. Flag Football

9. Field Day Games 

10. Tug of War

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