Corporate Event Activity Ideas | Triangle Lawn Games

When you are planning a corporate event there are a lot of details to cover. You have to get a caterer, booze, and space. You have to set the time, get invites sent out, get reminders sent out, and make sure that Bob from accounting knows he CANNOT under any circumstance repeat his behavior from last years holiday party (we won’t get into why his nickname is now “fern in the corner Bob”.)

Another important element for a corporate party is entertainment. Surprisingly you have a limited number of options, and here in Raleigh and the Triangle, there is not a litany of acceptable corporate event entertainment. Ultimately it is important to get things that both entertain AND are not awkward. We are big fans of having lawn games at corporate events, because nothing says synergy like sticking it to Bob in Giant Jenga. However, if you are looking for other ideas, these are some somewhat acceptable things to do at corporate events.

Dancing – Dancing is great for corporate parties, especially more formal ones like Holiday parties etc. If the bar is open people we will dance to the music – just play “Beat It” and watch Helen from sales go!

Karaoke – More risky than dancing, but the payoff can be larger. This is a chance to get up in front of your colleagues and sing your heart out. Or scream it out if you can’t actually hit a note.

Team Building Facilitator – There are super talented folks out there, like Business Consultant Mike Gione in Bloomington, IN who can come to your business and help you make an event fun and exciting. With a focus on improving teamwork and collaboration, something like this would be better if you want to focus on work rather than relaxing.

Motivational speaker – Many times a staff just needs to be inspired. Sometimes consultants, like I mentioned before, can help with this, and sometimes you might want to go to your local speaker’s bureau to hire someone like an ex-football coach or a successful businesswoman to come motivate your folks.

Lawn Games! – Look, this is what we do so of course we think it’s great. But in reality having lawn games is nice because it adds an element of fun and competition, but allows people to do it at their own pace. If you are looking for a more formalzied way to use lawn games, Triangle Lawn Games can help you set up “Lawn Games Olympics” for your staff. We also can simply bring games to you, and pick them up when you’re done. We make it easy.

So if you are looking for entertainment for your next corporate event in the Triangle, Raleigh, Cary etc just give us a call. We deliver and pick up. View our rentals here.