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Do you remember when Linda beat Russell at Giant Jenga? Or when there was a showdown between the IT and Sales teams during the cornhole tournament? What about when the novice putter Julie chipped one in for the win against the experienced golfer Mark? No? Your company must not have those kinds of activities at their office parties. Sad. 

Whether it’s a corporate retreat, a company picnic, or an office BBQ, sometimes things can get a little awkward or boring socially without a bit of extra help. The right variety of games can work wonders to create the kind of comradery and memories that bind a team together. But three things must be considered when choosing games for an office party. Is it appropriate? Is it fun? Does it help to bring coworkers together? Without further ado, here is a list of best games for your next corporate event. Just don’t forget the PA system to announce the winners and losers. If you want to learn more about game rentals find a TLG location here.

  1. Cornhole: With a name like that, what could go wrong? Cornhole is right up there with horseshoes as a standard BBQ and bar activity. This works very well in a relaxed corporate setting because it can require teams which creates both cooperation and competition between coworkers while keeping the mood light. Be sure and have a white board to keep score and create a tournament.
  2. Giant Chess: Let’s just be honest. There are those of us that can’t resist the call of a chess board. The more strategic minds of the office will immediately gravitate towards this board, and it’s likely that a secretly chess-obsessed employee will make fast friends with others that he had no idea played as well. 
  3. Croquet: Nothing fancies up an empty lawn like croquet. Just make sure the drinks are in martini glasses and everyone is wearing a large hat.
  4. Giant Jenga: I’m not sure why making childhood games enormous is so much fun as an adult, but giant Jenga always ends up being hilarious and can easily draw a crowd.
  5. Giant Beer Pong: With trash cans instead of cups and volleyballs instead of ping pong balls, this version will only reference the original game. But it will definitely make everyone feel like they’re in college again. Just don’t fill up the trash cans with actual beer.
  6. Disc Golf: Also known as frisbee golf, this game is no longer just for hacky-sack loving hippies. Disc golf can be challenging and absorbing, and always makes for a great competition. 
  7. Putter Ball: Depending on where you get it, the green could have multiple holes to make the battle more interesting. The great thing about putting is that you don’t need to have a perfect swing or be an experienced golfer to do well. All you need is the putter and some inner pride to push for the win.
  8. Giant Connect 4: Not everyone is going to be in a rush to run around. Personally, I’d love to Connect 4 on a board the size of my living room wall. Well, maybe that’s too big. No matter the size, this game is sure to please. 
  9. Tug-Of-War:  No corporate event is complete without pitting half the workforce against the other half. It promotes team building, can include larger groups, and is never without a funny fall or two. Just be careful and be sure that there’s no mud nearby.
  10. Towerball – Towerball is a new game that is easy to play and learn. Comes with a pyramid and toss balls to toss through the holes – highest score wins!

The biggest question for games at a corporate event is whether people will participate. With a variety of games like these, every office personality will find something to get excited about. Are they appropriate? With the possible exception of Giant Beer Pong, absolutely. Are they fun? For sure.

 People will definitely appreciate the lack of trust-fall exercises and scavenger hunts. People can find common interests that they didn’t know they had with each other and create team building competitions that they will remember during the dog days at the office for years to come.

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