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We all love the competition of lawn games but let’s face it, the enjoyment is as much about being outside with friends as it is the game itself. That’s why so many games are designed to be able to be played with a drink in hand. It’s easy to pull a cold one out of the cooler, pop the top, and start playing but sometimes classing it up can make the experience just a little more memorable. For the occasion where having a cocktail in hand sounds good here are three cocktails to pair with your favorite lawn game.

Bocce Ball – Deriving from Italy why not use that as the inspiration for your cocktail. When doing your best to touch that pallino sip on this Limoncello Spritz and pretend you are able to smell the sea breeze come off the Mediterranean.

Recipe – Limoncello Spritz

2 oz. limoncello

3 oz. sparkling wine

A splash of sparking water

Mix together and garnish with sprigs of thyme

Kubb – Supposedly an ancient Viking game where bones were thrown at skulls, although this origin is in question, what could be better than drinking like a warrior. The drink of choice for these manly men was mead the alcohol made from honey. When playing Kubb try pairing it with a Viking Mule and see if it helps your throwing accuracy.

Recipe- Viking Mule

2.5 oz. Mead

2 oz. Ginger Bear

1 oz Lime Juce

Mix and serve with a garnish of Candied Ginger

Cornhole – This game is new compared to the two games above but has become an instant classic. Known for being a beer in hand game if you do want to class it up then it only seems fitting that the cocktail to paired be an Old Fashion.

Recipe – Old Fashion

½ teaspoon sugar

3 dashes bitters

1 teaspoon water

2 oz. bourbon

Mix and garnish with orange peel

With cocktail parings on hand your next lawn game session is sure to be memorable for all who attend, unless of course enjoy too many cocktails.

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