What to Bring to a Labor Day Party | Triangle Lawn Games

You don’t want to be “that guy” this Labor, do you? Hopefully not. We’re here to help you not be. That guy shows up to a Labor Day party (and pretty much all parties) with nothing but an appetite for good times, food and other people’s beverages.

To avoid being that guy, and to continue getting invited to future parties, here are five things you should bring to a Labor Day party. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Raleigh, Durham, Cary or Chapel Hill; these should make you a popular and contributing part of the event.

  1. Food: Make a point of asking the host a few days beforehand what the food plans are. If they are planning to provide and prepare the main course, which is generally expected, you can probably claim a side of your choice. They’ll appreciate this effort.
  2. Drinks: Even if they already have drinks provided, you should bring about as much alcohol (or other drinks if it’s not that kind of party) as you intend to drink. And don’t bring something subpar and then only drink the good stuff other people brought. That ain’t cool.
  3. A good attitude: The point of a Labor Day party is pretty simple — people come so they can take a break from their daily labor, have some laughs, play some games, talk to some people and generally enjoy themselves. “That guy” often has way too much to drink too quickly, says things that make people uncomfortable and takes the games too seriously.
  4. A joke or a story: You don’t have to plan out all your conversations, but try to have something to say. If you’ve recently had an amazing vacation, be ready to talk about it. If you’ve just had a hilarious incident in your life, take a second to think about how to share it so people can enjoy it too.
  5. A game: Outdoor parties are a great time, but they are even greater when there is a fun game to gather around. Whether it’s cornhole, ladder golf, giant tumbling blocks or whatever else, a little friendly competition is perfect to take the party to the next level.


This is where we come in. Triangle Lawn Games can hook you up with a game that you can bring with you to a Labor Day party, immediately making the hero and “that guy” in a good way. Call (919) 891-3495 or visit our rentals page to reserve games for Labor Day.