5 Ideas for Tailgating Games | Triangle Lawn Games

It’s mid-September, football season has started, and nothing is going to get in the way of Americans watching football on Saturdays and Sundays.

With football comes the time-honored tradition of tailgating. This is the art of setting up a perimeter, tables, chairs, grill, and other accessories to enjoy the wonderful weather and relax before the game. One of the best additions to any tailgate is a game, or multiple games. So we wanted to dive into some of the best ideas for games to bring to a tailgate.

  1. Cornhole – This is the old faithful in the lawn game world. Almost everyone knows how to play cornhole and can find enjoyment in the underhand toss of the bags. It take about 30 feet of space to make it work, so if you don’t have that kind of area it might be best to find a smaller game. But nothing is more befitting a tailgate game than cornhole. Rent Cornhole today here.
  2. Beer Pong – Beer pong is obviously a time honored tradition at tailgates, frat parties, apartment pools, and really fun family reunions. The goal is to toss ping pong balls into solo cups full of beer. The team to eliminate all the opposing teams cups not only wins the game, but gets to watch the other team get sloshed. You need a table to make it work though.
  3. Giant Jenga – Jenga is a great option if you have limited space and people who just want something to do in the background. If you have a few square feet you can make Jenga work. It is challenging and frustrating and ultimately a lot of fun. Rent Giant Jenga here.
  4. KanJam – KanJam is a super fun option for the inner disc golf player in you. If you have a steady hand and good accuracy then it could be perfect. It’s also fun for non frisbee experts. Basically you toss a frisbee at a small plastic cylinder with three ways to earn points. 1 point for touching the can, 2 points for getting it into the top (with the help of your teammate), and three points for getting it in the small slit in the front. Rent KanJam here. 
  5. Flip Cup – This is a great game for 3-10+ players and allows you to get the whole crew involved. You need a cup for each person and a table long enough to accommodate. Split the group into two teams, lined up one across from the other. Then you start at one end and each person has to drink the beer and then flip the cup from the bottom onto it’s top. That means you put the cup down on the table right side up, and then flip it 180 degrees to land on the top. You can’t go until the person next to you on your team drinks and flips successfully. The first team to go all the way down the line wins.

So the point of tailgate is to have some fun, drink some crispy cold ones, and enjoy a great fall day before taking in America’s new favorite pastime (sorry baseball). If you have game needs and want to rent, check out our rentals page for 3 and 5 game packages as well as single game rentals. We will be happy to deliver to tailgate fields near you.

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