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Giant Jenga Rental

When talking about the genre of lawn games, Giant Jenga is absolutely one of the best ways to make enemies. You might have just met Becky’s boyfriend Brad, but you obviously have no problem pulling out the only piece left that won’t collapse the whole structure. Not the nicest thing to do to someone you just met, but tough shit Brad.  With Triangle Lawn Games you can pick up a set of Giant Jenga for a great rate, and avoid the investment and storage of buying your own set. They might not be gold plated, but our Jenga sets are homemade and would make grandpappy proud of our craftsmanship.

Giant Jenga is a perfect addition to corporate events, weddings, parties and more. With Triangle Lawn Games you get a quality game, affordable pricing and available delivery to any of our locations nationwide. We help planners, parents and other folks making parties happen get great games at greata prices. Find a location today! 



  • 2-6 Players2-6 Players

  • 10-20 Minutes per Game10-20 Minutes per Game

  • 6 ft. length, 6 ft. width6 ft. length, 6 ft. width


Jenga is a multi-player game consisting of 54 wooden blocks. Stack the blocks to create a tower, alternating between horizontal and vertical “stories.” (Three pieces placed side by side create a story.)

Once the tower is created, players take turns using one hand to remove a block from the tower. You may remove blocks from anywhere below the highest completed story. Place the removed block back on top of the tower to begin or add to a new story. Players must complete a story before expanding further up the tower.

Blocks may be tested to see how loosely or tightly they are in the tower before attempting to remove the block. Tested blocks are not required to be pulled; however, a jarred block must be returned to its original position, also using one hand.

Your turn ends when the next player touches a block or 10 seconds after you’ve placed your block on top of the tower. If the tower falls during those 10 seconds, the game is over!



The last player to successfully add a piece to the tower before it is knocked over wins Jenga!

Giant Jenga


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