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Putterball is a wonderful backyard game that is a blend of beerpong and putting green. Rules are below, but this game is perfect for a party, wedding or corporate event and is popular with golfers of all ages.  



  • 2-4 Players2-4 Players

  • 10-15 Minutes per Game10-15 Minutes per Game

  • 12 ft. length, 2 ft. width12 ft. length, 2 ft. width


The game is simply unfolded into its playing shape. Verify there are two golf balls, two putters and 12 hole covers. The game can be played with 2 or 4 people in teams of 1 or 2 with team members on the same side.


Determine which team goes first with a shootoff. Whoever makes it first or keep shooting until someone misses. Teams take turns putting for the opposing team’s holes. There is one putt per player, per turn. Each sank hole is covered by a green hole cover.



When a team sinks all 6 holes, the opposing team has an opportunity to avoid a loss via “rebuttal”, whereby they will shoot until they miss. If the rebutting team fails to sink all of their opponents holes, they lose. If they sink all their rebuttal shots, the game enters overtime.

In overtime, play continues as before, except only the back three holes are uncovered. Overtime is played as sudden death: the first team to make all three back cups wins. There are no rebuttals in overtime.

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