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Rollors Game Overview


Rollors is a new game designed by military veteran Matt Butler. It is a fun game that uses some of the best traits of bocce ball, lawn bowling, and horseshoes while adding some fun new dynamics. This game is easily played on multiple surfaces like grass, sand, or dirt. It is a super easy game to learn and a great addition to any rental. If you are interested in buying Rollers it is available for purchase at the bottom of this page.

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How to Play Rollors

Before you play

Rollors can be played with from 2, 4 or 6 people that are split into 2 equal teams.  There are 2 goals and 6 Rollors, 3 red and 3 blue. There is also a 5 foot measuring cord.  First set up the goals, they look like little wooden pyramids, approximately 25 feet apart and give one team the red Rollors and the other team the blue Rollors.  Simply flip a coin to decide which team goes first.

Playing the Game

Whichever team goes first will roll their color at the opposite color goal.  i.e. blue Rollors are rolled at the red goal.  They will roll all three Rollors and the opposing team will do the same at the opposite goal attempting to get the Rollors as close as possible to the goal.


The person with the closest rollor to their goal earns the points for their team that round while the other team earns nothing. They earns all the points off Rollors within 5 feet of the goal as well.  Points are tallied as follows:

  1. Rollors that land on their side – Earn points equal to the number showing
  2. Rollors that stop while upright on edge – Earn points equal to the sum of the value of the points on both faces of the Rollor.
  3. Rollors that come to rest on the goal – Earn points equal to double the number showing.


To win a team must hit or exceed 21 points.

Rollors Field Layout

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